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Completely revised and updated for 2022!

About this self-study course:

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On this journey of self-discovery, renewal and rebirth, Tanis Helliwell will guide you with video talks, recorded question and answer sessions, and meditations. You will learn to Transform Yourself.

The revised self-study course for Transform Yourself includes:

  • Comprehensive workbook of 80 pages divided into 5 learning modules
  • 10 full length video talks and guided meditations with music to deepen your experience
  • Powerful exercises and actionable items
  • Four Audio MP3’s using the Etheric Clearing Technique (ECT)

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Hear from our Transform Yourself graduates:

“Tanis Helliwell has a natural talent for healing. She is full of energy, creative and deeply intuitive. Her positive vision is palpable and generous.”
Michael Myers MD
Prof. of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia
“After meeting and studying with Tanis, everything in my life made sense.”
Stephanie Kusie
Lawyer and former Canadian consul to San Salvador
“I’ve done many courses in my life, however, none has ever had the power to move me so deeply, change me so profoundly, and the transformation shows up in my life no matter where I am, nor what I do.”
V. Deeken
Management Consultant, Germany

Tanis Helliwell, Founder of IIT

For 20 years Tanis Helliwell has been teaching Co-creating with Nature Spirits and Elementals  workshops to thousands of people around the world to prepare pioneers of the new stellar age.

She is a student and teacher of the Inner Mysteries, living on the seacoast north of Vancouver, Canada. Since childhood, she has seen and heard elementals, angels, and master teachers in higher dimensions. For 16 years she conducted a therapy practice, helping individuals with their spiritual transformation. As well, to heal the Earth and to catalyze individual transformation she has led tours and walking pilgrimages to sacred sites for over 20 years.

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