Ancestor & Family Healing Self-Study Launch


You are not alone in your spiritual journey. Your ancestors are here to support and help you heal,
through all generations of your family. Start now.

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Learn how to forgive yourself and the dark secrets held in your family. 

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When we no longer harbor resentment, our lives become so much more.

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Heal yourself, your family, your community, and your Earth.

About Tanis Helliwell

Do you feel alone or not fully alive? Do you feel disconnected  from your potential, a feeling that you have to hide parts of yourself?

Are you paralyzed by a family history of pain? Traumas such as abandonment, alcoholism, incest and unexpected loss affect us throughout our lives. Are you limiting yourself to stay safe?

You may have a self-limiting pattern inherited from your family. 

Ancestral patterns repeat themselves generation after generation. You CAN re-write your own and your family’s story by:

  • uncovering your mother and father’s story – helping you to understand how you can break the cycle
  • discovering the gifts, wounds and traumas that your family has passed to you – allowing you to heal at a cellular level

Begin now to erase these dark family secrets and patterns both backwards (healing your ancestors) and forwards in time, so that you don’t pass these harmful patterns on to your descendants.

Free yourself, your community and our Earth!

Ancestral wounds are not unique to your family, but are common to humanity. By focusing on what you can control, you are also healing our  collective community, our country and our Earth.

There has always been war, cruelty and racism in human history – no one is totally free of woundings. In healing these wounds in ourselves, we heal the collective unconscious of humanity.

Understanding leads to forgiveness, leads to compassion leads to freedom.

What you will receive

This self-study course allows you to work at your own pace—alone or with a group of like-hearted friends**. The program includes:

  • A comprehensive workbook of 78 pages divided into 4 learning modules
  • 7 full length video talks and guided meditations with music to deepen your experience
  • Powerful exercises and actionable items
  • 12 downloadable Audio MP3’s

**It’s a great idea to study with someone. If you’d like to do this, post your request on our Open Learning Community Group (once you have registered for the course). OR start a group of friends near you, who are also registered in the course.

Hear from Tanis

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