Welcome! The writings and articles below are the accumulated teachings of Tanis Helliwell and the International Institute for Transformation. They are free for your use – and please do share as widely as you wish. We are all learning from each other and from our own experience. Enjoy!

The Shadow is out of the Box

by Tanis Helliwell “May you live in interesting times.” —A Chinese curse The Bad News First I believe that 2018 will be remembered as a chaotic year full of anxiety. Since the cold war between Russia and the US, there

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Renovating Your Life

by Tanis Helliwell I am in the middle of a house renovation. You might have gone through this in your own life so you KNOW what it is like to live through continual hammering, dust, and delays. Sounds terrible, doesn’t

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We are holograms

by Tanis Helliwell Decades ago, I visited the Museum of Holography in New York City (closed since 1992) that showed life-size 3D images of people. I was completely unprepared for the impact this had on me. As I walked by

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Heaven and Earth Meet in Us

By Verena Mezger Interview with Tanis Helliwell, Founder of the International Institute for Transformation. Tanis is a Spiritual Coach and Teacher on Ancestors and the Body Elemental. VERENA: Tanis, in the year 2000 you founded the International Institute for Transformation.

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Thoughts of our time

by Tanis Helliwell Such a crazy terrifying and inspiring time we are living in. Daily I see the old leaving and the new emerging in our world. Not without a struggle of course. We can see this with our narcissistic

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Ancestors Healing Us Today

by Tanis Helliwell Each of us has many kinds of ancestors, extending from our physical ancestors to those in our past lives, and to our original ancestry before we became the humans we know ourselves as today. Our ancestors are

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Manifest Your Goals in 2017

by Tanis Hellliwell To manifest our goals in the world, we move step by step from spiritual to physical realms, becoming more specific as we do so. In doing this you will experience both driving and restraining forces. You started

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