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Spirituelle Transformation

Instrumente zur Entwicklung von spiritueller Intelligenz (SQ)

Meditation und spirituelle Retreats

Elementals and Nature Spirits

Birth of the New Earth

Love, Heart, Peace

Be Surprised

Seele und Arbeit

“Soul@Work“, by Janet White. Benefits Trends, January 2000.

A working model of spirituality, by Dave Senick. Victoria Times Colonist, April 23, 2000.

Humans Crave Purpose, Globe & Mail

Spiritual traveller lends WCB a hand, Newspaper article, Yukon

Articles & Interviews:

1981-04-06: Recapturing the past, by Ira Vine. Globe and Mail.

1981-12-22: Tracing life’s path: Tanis leads people through their minds, by Linda Curtis. Calgary Sun.

1982-04-04: More to mind over matter than myth, by Renee Doruyter. The Province, Vancouver, BC.

1983-06-06: ESP healer: Lack of balance upsets spiritual/physical lives, by Bethia Caffery. St. Petersburg Independent.

1994-11-21: Wellness in the workplace helps companies bottom lines, by Nicole Parton. Vancouver Sun.

1996-11-10: Sessions may offer intriguing glimpses of earlier existence, by Sharon Adams. Calgary Herald.

2000-03-21: Ethics at work, by Stephanie Schorow. Boston Herald.

2000-04-23: A working model of spirituality, by Dave Senick. Victoria Times Colonist.

2003-03-05: ‘As human beings we crave this sense of purpose’. Globe and Mail.

2012-09-26: Author teaches how to walk heart’s path, by Chris Bolster. Powell River Peak.

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