How to connect with others on the website

If you are taking part in a Live Online Program or if you have joined our free Open Learning Community group there are a number of ways that you may connect with others through our website:

Groups & Forums

As part of our live online retreats and courses, you may connect with others in the associated group or discussion forum. These groups offer a safe space to share in community with others on their spiritual transformation journey. You may write and reply to general messages within the forum FEED area, or go the DISCUSSIONS tab to create, reply to or subscribe to activity notifications on specific topics of discussion.

Member Directory

Within a GROUP, you may also click on the MEMBERS tab and choose to send a “connection request” to any other group member. If you prefer not to connect with others in the group, simply turn off your email notifications for Connection Requests in your Email Preferences.

Live Community Zoom Calls

If you are taking part in a Live Online Program, you will have the opportunity to join live Community Calls via Zoom breakout rooms. This is a powerful way to speak with others directly (online), and share your insights and breakthroughs in online video calls with a small group of like minded others.

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