Why isn’t my photo changing when I upload a new one?

Delete your old photo and wait 60 seconds before uploading a new one

  • Click on the “edit icon”, a circular button on either Profile photo or Cover image, or via the “edit profile” page
  • If you are changing to a new photo – you will need to delete your old profile photo and pause for 60 seconds. Then when you visit your profile page it will have returned to a gray “Default” image. You may now upload a new photo.
  • Though a little silly, this 60 second pause can be a great time to savor the present moment as you switch between photos.

How to Delete old Photo

  • Go to the “Delete” tab and click the red button “Delete my Profile Photo”
  • Wait for 60 seconds (consider taking a deep breath and relaxing into the moment)
  • Click “View my Profile” or refresh the page to see your photo is replaced with the gray default icon
  • You may now upload a new photo