Living in the Present Moment

Ancestor & Family Healing Retreat Part 1

Von Tanis Helliwell

No Time?

I continually hear people complain that there is too much to do and not enough time to do it. Also, people have said to me more often recently that time seems to have sped up and they no longer have as much time as they used to.

Time does speed up with age. Older people often mention that time moves quicker than when they were younger. It’s because more of their lifetime has been lived than what remains. But the question remains is time speeding up for everyone regardless of age?

Balance Quantity with Quality

If we value quantity above quality in our life then we are more likely to feel that we don’t have enough time. Focusing mostly on quantity also creates a feeling of meaninglessness in life because our experiences lack depth. So one solution to feeling that there is not enough time is to be ruthless at prioritizing what is important. We need to say no to the distractions, low priority items, and quantity of experiences that keep us from states of peace that are found in a more leisured and spacious life.

Where Space and Time Meet

Another solution to not having enough time is to stay in the magical circle where time and space meet. Let me explain.

Visualize a Celtic Cross where time is a horizontal line moving left to right ­­­from the past to the present to the future. If we anchor ourselves only in the third dimensional reality of the material world we exist mostly on this time line and, as we get older time does run out on this line.

Now visualize space as the vertical line of the cross.

It extends from the higher god realms down through the mental and emotional realms until it enters the physical realm of our third dimensional existence.

All dimensions exist simultaneously, so this diagram has a few flaws, but what I’m trying to convey is space, in which all information and potential exists, intersecting with time with its boundaries and constrictions. Where the space and time axis intersect, the magical circle of the cross is created. If we stay within this circle we can accomplish much more in a shorter amount of time than if we work only on the horizontal time line.

Living within the Magical Circle

The way this works is that we are living in the present moment. We are not living in the past regretting what we haven’t done and we’re not living in the future wanting something we do not yet have. Not only is our attention in the present time, but it is also free to move along the space continuum to access, all information that we need to solve a present problem. We can use our ‘gut hunch’ to decide what work to do today and which work to leave. Using this system of time management, we will not push against closed doors but wait for the doors to open of their own accord and, if they don’t, we move on to another door that attracts us. Living within the magical circle of space and time is living in the flow.

This method of time management is effortless. We can employ it to enjoy the quality of the moment knowing that there will be enough time to do everything of importance. It’s creating a space in which the universe can bring us magic. When we live only in the third dimensional reality of time we are so full of doing that we have no space left for magic.

4 Steps to Mastering this Technique:

•     Send out a clear message to the universe about what you want to do, be or have.

•     Remove your ego from attachment to how the universe manifests this. (This step will ensure that you move into the magical circle.)

•     Meditate to determine what you need to do to assist the universe at this moment.

•     Wait for the universe to create the opportunity and then act without hesitation.

Time for Everything

By living in the present moment, I’ve found that there’s time for many kinds of meaningful work, visiting friends, reading science fiction, and sleeping eight hours a night. There’s also time to do absolutely nothing, which, of course, creates the magical space for new ideas to enter which will then start moving down the pipe into manifestation. It is living what the Buddhists call “the journey without the goal”. I still have goals for the future but my attention is on what I can do /be in the present that will encourage my goals manifesting in the future.

Tanis Helliwell, als eine Mystikerin in der modernen Welt, bringt seit über 30 Jahren spirituelles Bewusstsein in die Mainstream-Gesellschaft. Seit ihrer Kindheit sieht und hört sie in höheren Dimensionen Elementarwesen, Engel und Meisterlehrer. Tanis ist die Gründerin des International Institute for Transformation (IIT), das Programme anbietet, um Menschen darin zu unterstützen, zu bewussten Schöpferinnen und Schöpfern zu werden, die in der Lage sind, mit den unsere Welt regierenden geistigen Gesetzen zu arbeiten.

Tanis ist die Autorin von Die Hohen Wesen von Hawaii, Elfensommer, Elfenreise, Umarmt von der Liebe, Mit der Seele arbeiten, Nicht ganz von dieser Welt, und Erkenne deine Bestimmung.

Für Informationen über Tanis' Kurse: hier klicken.

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