Ancestor & Family Healing Self-Study

NEW! We will study the gifts as well as the stuck, dark patterns of our family, tribe, and country ancestors, how these impact us today and ways to heal these imprinted cellular memories.




  • Are you searching for healing from pain caused by past events?
  • Are you or your family experiencing trauma stemming from previous generations?
  • Are there dark secrets or difficult patterns in your family that occur over generations?

Es kann sein, dass es ein selbstbegrenzendes Muster gibt, das du von deiner Familie geerbt hast. 


When we no longer harbor resentment, our lives become so much more.

Ancestral patterns repeat themselves generation after generation. Learn to erase these dark family secrets and patterns both backwards (durch Heilung deiner Ahnen) als auch vorwärts in der Zeit, damit du don’t pass these harmful patterns on to your descendants.

You CAN re-write your own and your family’s story by:

  • uncovering your mother and father’s story – helping you to understand how you can break the cycle
  • discovering the gifts, wounds and traumas that your family has passed to you – allowing you to heal at a cellular level

Ancestral wounds are not unique to your family, but are common to humanity. By focusing on what you can control, you are also healing our  collective community, our country and our Earth. In healing these wounds in ourselves, we heal the collective unconscious of humanity.

What you will receive:

  • Ein umfangreiches Arbeitsbuch von ca. 78 Seiten, aufgeteilt in 4 Lernmodule (in Deutsch)
  • 7 Videovorträge in voller Länge (in Englisch) und geführte Meditationen mit Musik (in Deutsch) zur Vertiefung deiner Erfahrung
  • Kraftvolle Übungen und Vorschläge zur Umsetzung in die Tat (in Deutsch)
  • 9 MP3 Audioaufnahmen (in Deutsch) zum Herunterladen

Hear from a graduate of our Ancestor & Family Healing course:

Begin your journey now to learn how to change your self-talk and embrace a path of healing, forgiveness, and love.

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