Nature Spirits Self-Study

This self-study course welcomes folks from around the world who are interested in co-creating with nature spirits to restore themselves and the world to health.




We welcome folks from around the world who are interested in co-creating with nature spirits to restore yourself and the world to health. We cannot evolve without nature and to fully grasp the concept that every bit of grass, flower, tree, or animal has a conscious spirit that nurtures us and the Earth.

Welchen Nutzen du aus diesem Kurs ziehen kannst:

  • Erfahre mehr über Leprechauns, Feen, Elfenund andere Naturgeister und wie du Kontakt mit ihnen aufnehmen kannst.
  • Triff ein Naturgeistwesen, das mit dir arbeiten möchte.
  • Lern, wie du einen Rückzugsort für Elementarwesen in deinem Garten, deiner Wohnung, in einer natürlichen Umgebung und in deinem Herzen erschaffen kannst.
  • Entdecke, wie du die Elemente Erde, Luft, Feuer und Wasser in deinem physischen Körper in Balance bringen kannst, um gesund und voller Energie zu sein.
  • Begegne deinem Körperelementarwesen, auch Körpergeist genannt, und lern, wie du dich selbst mit seiner Hilfe heilen und transformieren kannst.
  • Erschaffe eine schöne, gesunde Erde, im Zusammenwirken mit den Naturgeistern.
  • Lerne, dich mit Leichtigkeit und Anmut durch diese gegenwärtige Übergangszeit zu bewegen und dein volles Potential auszuschöpfen.

Included in this course are:

  • A comprehensive workbook of 68 pages divided into 5 modules
  • Kraftvolle Übungen and action plans
  • 5 MP3 guided visualizations and meditations
  • 7 videos of approximately 90-minutes each recorded LIVE

Course Modules:

  • Module 1: Connecting with Your Nature Spirit
  • Module 2: Your Body Elemental and Healing
  • Module 3: Manifesting with the Five Elements
  • Module 4: Co-Creating with Nature Spirits
  • Module 5: Fulfill Your Destiny as a Guardian of the Earth.

We invite you to embark on this journey to open your heart and mind to nature spirits and to discover your purpose on Earth.

The books that accompany this course are Summer with the Leprechauns: The authorized edition, Pilgrimage with the Leprechauns, and Hybrids: So you think you are human. All these books will give you a much deeper knowledge of nature spirits and you may wish to read them either before or after taking this course. ORDER BOOKS HERE  

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Course Reviews

“Tanis was able to bring clarity to this incredible subject and help us all connect to the extraordinary, amazing, glorious beings that we share this planet with. Life has never been the same … it’s so much richer now!” –ELIZABETH ENGLAND

“Tanis course was fun, touching and truly transformative. In an easy and lighthearted way we got to peek through the door to the elemental realm – and to connect with an elemental being that wants to work specifically with us! Tanis is a real teacher carrying a unique connection with the elemental realm and it has been an honor to work with her.” –OLGA KARLSSON

“Tanis’ understanding of our potential to interact more deeply with nature in a meaningful way is next level brilliant. She has a delightful way of helping us develop this relationship, so it’s easy and accessible to anyone. It has empowered me to work with nature to heal my wounds and gain powerful insights in my life. I’ve also been able to return the favour by using her clearing methods to bring life back to a local pond. Strange but true! Working together, you and nature can create more positive change in our world.” –JANET ROUSS

“Tanis shows in a unique way how fun and playful joy are heart and door openers to the elemental world. Her deep wealth of experience helps the participants to understand their own experiences.” –WERNER BRAUN

“It is a time of awakening to the beings who are creating the living world! And it is time that we enter into deep and co-creative relationship with those beings, the Nature Spirits. With Tanis guiding lively and powerful experiences, to begin these relationships becomes possible. Absolutely everyone is invited by the Nature Spirits to befriend them on a daily basis. This is a joy filled path!!! I highly recommend this work to anyone interested in finding direct connections with Nature Spirits.” –ELYSE POMERANZ

“TO ALL WHO HOLD NATURE IN AWE: Tanis Helliwell’s course on Nature Spirits was life altering and life affirming for me. It definitely engaged my mind, heart, emotions and body thru direct and indirect experiences with the elementals. Whether you have already encountered them or wish to do so, this course gives you the tools and skills to grow a lifelong path into Nature.” –NANSON SERRIANNE