SQ Spiritual Intelligence Self-Test

Your Spiritual Intelligence is your soul intelligence! By understanding and strengthening your SQ, your authentic self and your true genius emerges.  Uncover the deep wisdom and potential that lies within.





What is Spiritual Intelligence and what is its relationship with Spiritual Transformation?

Do you have a high IQ and good EQ (Emotional intelligence) but still feel there’s something missing?

We invite you to join the thousands of individuals who have benefited from understanding and developing their SQ with Tanis Helliwell’s Spiritual Intelligence Test (SQ).

In this spiritual intelligence (SQ) self-test workbook discover:

  • How your brain is wired for SQ
  • How meditation changes your brain
  • What problems arise from lack of SQ
  • What the benefits are from developing your SQ
  • How to use powerful meditation tools to access your innate SQ
  • Discover new ways of solving problems

Spiritual intelligence is soul intelligence! Developing your SQ helps you to awaken

Spiritual intelligence gives meaning and purpose in life and allows you to create new possibilities. Both IQ and EQ work with the confines of existing information and knowns.  SQ allows you to utilize your IQ and EQ in a unified way to express your gifts in the world that betters not only your life, but also all beings.

SQ is truly a global intelligence. Only SQ is capable of thinking beyond the knowns, to think a new thought, or to see a higher truth in a situation. SQ operates through knowledge of the spiritual laws on which our world is founded.

It is found in great leaders, such as Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. Having SQ will increasingly become a determiner of success in the 21st century and beyond.