Message from Hawaii

Message from the Ancestors and Elementals of Hawaii

A short time ago I had the good fortune to be in Oahu and to visit many of the ancient Hawaiian sites. The ancestors of King Kamehameha and Queen Kalama of Hawaii had a message for us that they asked me to share. They said that “Now in Hawaii and all around the world the guardians of sacred sites are being called on to activate these sites again because these sites are needed in the transition of the Earth to become a conscious planet in our solar system and in our galaxy. “

The guardians said that it is important to go to sacred sites at this time both to honor and respect them, and also to allow these Earth energies to kindle our kundalini so that our frequencies can rise to become conscious human beings. To be conscious means that we will know our destiny or become what we are to be and do. Any opportunity we have to go to sacred sites we need to do so. Some sites may be in churches, such as Chartres in France, that are built on strong leylines and others are ancient sites, such as Macchu Piccu and the Pyramid of Giza.

The ancestors say that, as in Hawaii, the first people of the world left the etheric bodies of their most powerful people—their priests, healers, kings and queens, at these sites to release their energy into the site. The etheric bodies hold the energies and memory of what these people know and are the guardians of these sites.

Message from the Elementals

While I was speaking with the ancestors, who were very large people, I was also aware of the elementals in the site and both groups were crowned in leis. The elementals, came to about my waist, were brownish in colour as they work with soil and building of sites and their arms and legs were thin and elongated compared to human limbs—something as long as an orangatang.

These elementals have been guarding these sacred sites as well. The elementals wished me to send you this message. “From Hawaii we convey a heart message from the Earth that all elementals, humans and all sentient beings on the Earth need to co-create and work together according to the spiritual and natural laws. Although many humans have forgotten their destiny, it is important to remember that elementals and humans were always meant to be partners on the Earth. It is essential to reconnect again because without this humanity cannot continue to grow.”

The elementals in this site said that they have been very tired holding the Earth energies however their energy is returning because the Earth itself is releasing a new energy. This energy is coming from the core of the Earth fuelled by the cosmic rays sent by our own Sun through increased solar radiation as our Sun rises to a higher frequency. It is also coming from the great Central Sun, our Creator, to kindle and fertilize all life on this planet and to help raise the frequency of the Earth.

In another sacred site the elementals wanted me to convey a very similar message to humans. The elementals here are the gardeners and they are green, up to my waist, very slender with elongated arms and legs, and their hair stands up straight on their head. They say, “Elementals and humans need to work together for only through this can they and the Earth survive.” The ancient Hawaiians knew this and worked together with the elementals. The traditional way is coming back with the hulu, Hawaiian language and medicine. Yet, the Hawaiians must learn also what the white and yellow skinned people have to teach about technologies and their way must be a blend of the old and new. It is no longer the time of separation. It is the time of the rainbow people when all people’s come together to share their gifts.

The Hawaiians have the gift of aloha which is the love of what Tanis calls the higher heart, and Steiner calls the etheric heart. This is the love that goes beyond love of self and love of family to love of the whole. This is the spirit of aloha and the Hawaiian people who teach this love. This is the gift of first Nations. It is not only love of your own tribe but first Nations people’s often adopted people of other tribes and raised them as their own. The elementals of this place teach the Hawaiians how to treat the land so that they don’t lose their soul and spirit. There spirit is one with all the elements, especially the water that runs through this area. “

The Earth is sharing this energy with all beings and this is transforming us. There is nothing we have to do, or any spiritual discipline or religion that is better to assist with this process than another. What is needed is to realize that all life is sacred and that spiritual traditions, at their core, support the same principles. That is to love and experience joy and gratitude that we have a beautiful planet and life here. Let the energy flow naturally from you. There is nothing to effort at. Just rest deeply in a being state and experience the ease of being, until being and doing are the same for you. Sign up every day for the beauty of the day and the opportunities to learn and journey and have gratitude for the people that are travelling with you and the opportunities that you have to serve. In order to help you and myself move into being and doing state with our relationship with work I include:

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