How to Develop our Perception of Other Realities

Ancestor & Family Healing Retreat Part 1

by Werner Braun

When I look back in my life I realize that the way I perceive the world has changed. When I participated in a workshop with Tanis Helliwell 10 years ago, my biggest wish was being able to see elementals. Today I know that clairvoyance is only one way of perceiving; there are other ways like inner hearing—telepathy and feeling what others feel—kinesthetic. Also, through the years I have discovered that there is a wide range of possibilities between receiving ‘complete images’ and ‘receiving nothing’.

Ways to Develop Your Perception of Other Realities

Here are a few questions I ask that have helped me to increase my perception. I suggest that you experiment with them.

  • “Is the subject of my perception coming towards me out of its own accord (full of verve or rather gently)?”
  • “What direction is the subject coming from?”
  • “Am I the one who is drawing it towards me?”
  • “What is its mood?” “Is its energy more physical, emotional, mental or spiritual?
  • What are its gifts for me?
  • What do it wish me to do for it?

A lot more questions can be added. Proceeding in this way, we will develop ways of perceiving elementals and other beings even if we do not see them clearly like a clairvoyant and we will also develop our organs of perception. My own experiences have shown me that possible perceptions in this field are based on mutual terms, it’s not only my will that counts. On the contrary, it is not until I am prepared to open up to the will of the being which is ready to meet me will I be able to truly perceive it. All beings in nature become stronger when we perceive them lovingly and this love increases the energy we give to all nature and to all beings.

In nature I experience how each plant with its qualities, each place with its moods has an impact, and how each moment is unique. Something alive and in the flow is changing its content in every moment and there are ever more subtle nuances becoming visible, just like in observing art. These perceptions are tangible to me, and nature presents herself as a mirror of my soul, which helps me to rediscover my true being. At this (imaginary) border between me and nature my consciousness is shaping and strengthening.

Freeing Ourselves from the Media’s Collective Reality

Being a gardener, I have learned that the way I perceive nature is very different than that conveyed by most TV programs. Nowadays, the things we perceive or don’t perceive are increasingly decided by the media. On one hand, the media expands the possibilities of perception from the small community to the whole world. On the other hand, I am challenged to not let myself be drawn passively and unconsciously into the perception that the media creates.

Through the media, such as TV, I am discovering many different ways of perceiving or shaping the world, or other possibilities of thinking. However, I have to weigh and decide myself: What is important, what is true, what is real?

The term “reality” was first used in the 13th century by mystics, and it means “being at work, happening through acting”, i.e. something that is being built. So reality is occurring only through our perception, through our inner agreement of collectively seeing certain things in this or that way. We influence and create realities, for example, when we say: Scientific people do not see elementals, religious people see angels. Einstein, as a result of his research regarding the influence of observing on the existence of material systems, asked the question: “Does the moon exist even if nobody is looking?”

We have also discovered since Einstein’s research that we have mirror neurons in our brain that pick up feelings from others that they release the same hormones in us as if those feelings were our own. What we perceive becomes real within ourselves. Since I became aware of that fact I do not focus my attention on negative headlines or images of violence in the media.

My own path of life has shown me how I was able to free myself from belief systems – alternating between openness to the thoughts of others and our culture through the media, and developing my own capacity of perception. Those were important steps on my way to becoming a conscious co-creator. I am increasingly becoming aware of this: We choose what we want to perceive and think, and this will define our personal and – in interacting with others – our collective reality.

Werner Braun did his training as a creative social therapist and works as a biodynamic gardener. He has worked with Tanis Helliwell since 2003 and also studied “Substance knowledge” with Ilse Mueller, learning about deeper perception. He combines Christian and anthroposophic experiences with cosmopolitan modern spirituality. An essential source of power and an important element in the encounter for me is the “Humor”. For more information about Werner see or email him at webebu(at)

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