Our Next Step


by Tanis Helliwell

How wonderful it is to be alive. The long awaited time has come for humanity to awaken to our purpose. You and I are kindergarten creators, Gods in the making. The Mayan calendar as well as many scientific measurements state that on December 21st—or near this date—that momentous changes will occur on the Earth. Our present way of life will end.

When most of us hear this we immediately ask the question, “Will I die?” We are thinking of physical death. This thought brings fear from our little ego, ‘our pain body’ as Eckhart Tolle refers to it, that we will be annihilated and cease to exist. This is not what will happen.

Buddha and all other enlightened teachers tell us—repeatedly—that what we think of as real, our so-called waking state, is not real and that it is an illusion. That there is no “me” in the sense of the little personal ego that we identify with. The goal is to awaken from this illusion and to let go of our attachment to things and roles that cause this illusion.

This is happening NOW. This momentous change in human consciousness has already been going on for several years and is accelerating as the Earth and all living beings on it move up to a higher frequency.

Only structures in line with the new frequency are doing well. The new frequency, where the majority of us will be located, is etheric. This is obvious by the fact that as old organizational structures collapse only etheric structures, such as cell phones, emails, YouTubes, podcasts, ebooks, webinars, are doing well as they use the world wide etheric web around the Earth.

We are in transition as the gap between the old and the new increases. If we stay attached to the old we will feel that time has speeded up and that we cannot cope with all the demands on us. We will do more, receive less, and be exhausted and depressed.

The pressures on people to change and let go of their old ways of operating are extraordinary. How do you transition?

What we can do to support this transformational process?

  1. It is essential that we confront all our attachments and erroneous thoughtforms that we have created and clear them.
  2. We need to be less critical of ourselves and others and more forgiving of ourselves and others. This will allow us to move to a higher frequency.
  3. Give up perfectionism. Do a good job, but only what you can deal with.
  4. Confront bullies. The government is bullying us with too many rules and outdated positions that are not healthy. We must take a ‘no compromise’ position on the things that matter to us with others and with organizations.
  5.  We also bully ourselves and we must overcome our inner bully as well. When we are engaged in a drama, or unpleasant experiences, realize that there are two aspects of ourselves involved—the pain body that is our ego and the witness. Make a choice to increase the witness. In doing so, we overcome the tyranny of our pain body and are free.
  6.  Be ruthless with ourselves. Recognize where we see and feel scarcity in our lives and let go of these thoughts. All scarcity thoughts are based on fear and all fears have a low frequency. Love, faith, trust are high frequency and this is where we need to move to in this new age awaiting us.
  7.  Remain in the neutral-positive regardless of what happens to us or to those around us. Trust the divine wisdom that ALL is done to benefit us.
  8.  Realize that if we act with the highest integrity in every difficult situation that we face that the universe will respond by giving us gifts of the high frequency that integrity carries.
  9.  Celebrate what the universe has given you daily. Honour your health, body, food, opportunities, activities, scenery, weather and wonderful friends and family.
  10. Enjoy the present moment. How wonderful it is to be alive on this beautiful planet.

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