Ancestor & Family Healing Self-Study

You will study the gifts as well as the stuck, dark patterns of your family, tribe, and country ancestors. Learn how these impact you today and learn ways to heal these imprinted cellular memories.




Are you searching for healing from pain caused by past events? Are you or your family experiencing trauma stemming from previous generations?

You may have a self-limiting pattern inherited from your family. Ancestral patterns repeat themselves generation after generation.

You CAN re-write the story for yourself and your family.

Hear from Tanis:

How you will benefit from this course:

  • Erase dark family, tribe and country secrets and patterns.
  • Heal forwards in time, so that you don’t pass these harmful patterns on to your descendants.
  • Uncover your mother and father’s story and break the cycle.
  • Celebrate the genetic gifts that your family has passed to you.
  • Discover imprinted wounds and traumas and heal at a cellular level.

Ancestral wounds are not unique to your family, but are common to humanity. When you no longer harbor resentment, your life becomes so much more. In healing these wounds in ourselves, we heal the collective unconscious of humanity.

What you will receive:

  • Comprehensive workbook of 78 pages divided into 4 learning modules
  • 7 full length video talks and guided meditations with music to deepen your experience
  • Powerful exercises and actionable items
  • 12 downloadable Audio MP3’s

Kind words from course graduates:

“Tanis’s compassion, wisdom and deep understanding of the metaphysical world has been highly informative and instructive. I highly recommend anything that Tanis offers. She is true gift to the world!” –Lauren Lamour

“Her humor, wisdom and gentle teaching style encourage you to enter and participate at your own pace. …The course fed my soul!!” –Regina Malony

Begin your journey now to learn how to change your self-talk and embrace a path of healing, forgiveness, and love.