Spiritual Ancestors & Healing

You are not alone in your spiritual journey. Feel connected, inspired, and seen. You may have inherited your wounds from a past life. You may have gifts that come from your hybrid ancestors who want you to manifest your gifts in the world. Join Tanis Helliwell and a like-hearted global community as we learn to re-write our own stories. Retreat begins Jan. 27, 2022 for 10 sessions.




Do you feel alone or not fully alive? Do you feel disconnected  from your potential, a feeling that you have to hide parts of yourself?

You may have inherited your wounds from a past life.

You may have gifts that come from your hybrid ancestors who want you to manifest your gifts in the world.

And who will help you to heal yourself? There are great beings, your spiritual ancestors, that work with your soul who have overseen your evolution on Earth through many incarnations. Your spiritual ancestors want to help you to heal your wounds, as by doing so, you heal the wounds of humanity. This is the path to enlightenment.

You CAN re-write your own and your family’s story:

  • Discover the issues in your present life that stem from your past life and heal them at source.
  • Learn about your original ancestry. There are 22 different Star and Earth ancestries that could be yours, including angel, elemental, dragon, dolphin.
  • Celebrate the gifts of your hybrid ancestry and erase wounds that stem from your human lives.
  • Meet the spiritual ancestor that has accompanied you and your soul through all your earth incarnations.
  • Allow these deep truths to surface in you to heal you at a cellular level.

Free yourself, your ancestors and our Earth!

Ancestral wounds are not unique to your family, but are common to humanity. By healing yourself at a cellular level, you also heal our collective humanity and our Earth.


  • January 27 to March 31, 2022 (10 sessions).
  • Sessions take place every Thursday at 11 am Pacific Time (LA/West Coast North American time). To check your local time see this handy time zone converter.

This personal transformative retreat via Zoom includes:

  • Weekly live talks and discussions via Zoom, accompanied by extensive downloadable course workbook modules
  • The Your Spiritual Ancestors workbooks are available in both English and German, included when you register for the course
  • Downloadable audio MP3 guided visualizations and meditations for your use
  • Live question and answer sessions with Tanis Helliwell
  • Live community chats with global community
  • Video recordings of sessions with Tanis which can be viewed anytime during and after the course, at your convenience

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Spiritual Ancestors & Healing, Full Program (Fall 2021 and Winter 2022)

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