Family & Spiritual Ancestors – 2-course package

Buy two courses and SAVE $100! Get “Ancestor & Family Healing” and “Spiritual Ancestors & Healing” self study courses together and save $100 compared to buying each course separately!

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Heal yourself and your family by addressing trauma and woundings from BOTH family AND spiritual ancestors.

Tanis’s 2 self-study courses build on each other, directing you onto a path of healing, forgiveness, and love. 

Ancestor & Family Healing gives you a grounding in your personal life and family. Spiritual Ancestors & Healing helps you to explore your spiritual roots in other dimensions. Both of them together offer a complete healing package.


  • 2 in-depth workbooks, with 9 learning modules
  • 14 full length videos and guided meditations with music to deepen your experience
  • Powerful exercises and actionable items
  • 23 downloadable audio MP3’s

Kind words from course graduates:

“This course has opened windows on my soul and made me happier to be alive and in service, and now, more able to serve. The changes have been remarkable.”
–Bev Mar

“Tanis Helliwell is a spiritual teacher grounded in Earth. She is joyful and worldly-wise, with a core of titanium strength. Her depth of knowledge extends over the eons, and multi-culturally and multidimensionally.”
–Aureal Williams

“Tanis’s compassion, wisdom and deep understanding of the metaphysical world has been highly informative and instructive. I highly recommend anything that Tanis offers. She is true gift to the world!”
–Lauren Lamour

“Her humor, wisdom and gentle teaching style encourage you to enter and participate at your own pace. …The course fed my soul!!”
–Regina Maloney