Spiritual Transformation Self-study

Are you seeking inner meaning? You may be going through a spiritual transformation. This self-study course helps you to answer your soul’s call.


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ANNOUNCEMENT: The next group forming to study the Spiritual Transformation course is Thursday, April 28 at 11am Vancouver (PST). Tanis and Christoph will help to kick it off.

Increase your compassion, your joy and awaken to your true self!

Spiritual transformation is a journey that unites your personality with your soul’s purpose, giving you greater meaning in your life. You become more conscious. Become, like the butterfly, a being of beauty spreading healing wherever you go.

Hear from Tanis:

How you benefit from this course:

  • Learn the Signs and Opportunities to Awaken
  • Gain clarity and let go of old patterns that no longer serve you.
  • Practice heart-opening skills to create more positive relationships with yourself and others.
  • ‪Increase your spiritual intelligence (SQ) to succeed in this new, evolving world.
  • Develop a greater capacity for compassion for yourself and others and access more joy.
  • Discover the profound effects your transformation has on those around you.
  • Become a conscious co-creator working with Spirit to fulfill your life purpose and learn how, in doing so, you help heal yourself, others, and our beautiful Earth.

Included in this course are:

  • Comprehensive 69-page workbook
  • Powerful exercises and homework to develop your spiritual gifts
  • 8 in-depth Youtube videos with Tanis (includes some videos from her Spiritual Transformation streaming video for FREE)

Two books are helpful for this course Decoding Your Destiny: keys to humanity’s evolution  and Manifest Your Soul’s Purpose.

Course Reviews

“Another layer peeled away. Another opening of my heart. A deeper connection to spirit and humanity.”

–J. Rouss, Graphic Designer and Manager, Toronto

“I’ve done many courses in my life, however, none has ever had the power to move me so deeply, change me so profoundly, and the transformation show up in my life no matter where I am, nor what I do.”

–V. Deeken, Management Consultant, Germany

“Tanis Helliwell is an impactful facilitator. She has a unique ability to help people see within themselves and find untapped sources of strength, energy and passion. Tanis is a special guide for all those willing to embark on the journey towards personal fulfillment and life balance. Her Passion of helping others shines through in all that she does.”

–Larry Hulsmans, Former Senior Director, Leadership & Management Programs, The Banff Centre for Management