Transform Your Work Self-study

Your work is your contribution to the world. Discover how to use your genius as your gift to the world and for greater peace and joy in your life.




The course includes the 8 intelligences questionnaire to assess your natural gifts.

The Transform Your Work course is designed to help you align your gifts and interests to meaningful happy work in the world.

Hear from Tanis:

How you benefit from this course:

  • Receive tools to develop your 7 chakras to achieve your goals.
  • Learn the 3 * 2 * 1 system to cultivate people who feed your soul.
  • Complete the 8 intelligences questionnaire to assess your natural gifts.
  • Build personal capacity through wisdom, love and divine will.
  • Learn 11 strategies to use spiritual intelligence in your work.
  • Solve key problems using intuitive and whole-brain techniques.
  • Work in the flow by managing time in inspiring new ways.

Fulfill your purpose and bring more peace and joy into your world!

Included in this course are:

  • Comprehensive 90-page workbook
  • Exercises and tools to have more fulfilling work
  • Meditation for World Servers mp3 audio recording
  • 10 video lessons and visualizations by Tanis Helliwell

The book that accompanies this course is Manifest Your Soul’s Purpose.


“I sincerely believe Transform Your Work is some of the most important work being done on this planet today.”

-Terry Frank, Senior VP and General Manager, Lee, Hecht, Harrison, Virginia

“My biggest question before coming to Transform your Work was “How?” This program has given me those tools.”

-Rudi Dyck, Teacher, Calgary