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About the live online program:

Are you or your family experiencing physical, emotional or mental difficulties stemming from past events or previous generations?

Our biological and spiritual ancestors are calling us to heal inherited patterns in our blood and spiritual lineage. Learn how our ancestors influence our lives today and how we can contact them for healing.

PART 1 runs for 10 weeks, Sept. to Nov. 2021 | PART 2 runs for 10 weeks, Jan. to March 2022 | If possible, it is most beneficial to participate in Part 1 as well as Part 2, as Part 1 gives a strong foundation to build on to second half of the Retreat. Save $45 by registering for both parts of the program now!*

*Register now and receive 2 great bonuses! An 18-minute guided visualization video and a 16-minute talk video, both on The Body Elemental’s Role in Ancestor and Family Healing.