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Live Online Retreat begins Jan. 27, 2022

We are currently accepting enrolments for the following online retreat led personally by Tanis Helliwell:

About the live online program:

Do you feel alone or not fully alive? Do you feel disconnected  from your potential, a feeling that you have to hide parts of yourself?

You may have inherited your wounds from a past life. You may have gifts that come from your hybrid ancestors who want you to manifest your gifts in the world.

And who will help you to heal yourself? There are great beings, your spiritual ancestors, that work with your soul who have overseen your evolution on Earth through many incarnations. Your spiritual ancestors want to help you to heal your wounds, as by doing so, you heal the wounds of humanity. This is the path to enlightenment.

SCHEDULE: 10 weeks, Jan. 27 to March 31, 2022 | Registration is open to all.