Spiritual Transformation In-Depth Program

Spiritual Transformation

In-Depth Program and Community

Welcome to our Spiritual Transformation In-Depth Program and Community.

Whether you are new to this process or a long-time member, we offer you an in-depth spiritual program to grow and become more conscious with a community to support you on your journey.

“Tanis’ teachings and mentoring have opened doors, provided layers of meaning, and enhanced my sense of presence and purpose. My relationships with other members are both synergistic and symbiotic. As we learn together and support each other, our growth becomes exponential.”

Transform Self, Work and World

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Become your Authentic Self!

Our in-depth program develops your consciousness and links you with other co-creative pioneers in community to birth the next stage for humanity and the Earth. This program in spiritual transformation can be done at your own pace.

If you answer “Yes!” to all of these statements, we invite you to join us!

✔ I wish to do in-depth study for my personal and spiritual development.

✔ I wish to be a member of a co-creative community to support others and to be supported.

✔ I wish to help birth humanity’s next stage as conscious co-creators with the Earth and Spirit.

In-Depth Program Member Benefits

  • Receive Tanis’s personal membership newsletter
  • Participate in regular live video calls with Tanis and the member community
  • Includes access to our FREE core self-study course, Spiritual Transformation, available only to members (a $147 value)
  • Members receive a 25% discount on each of our six self-study courses (a $220 value)
  • Be part of an international spiritual community
  • Be supported by other world servers
  • Dedicated member webpage with free downloads of articles, MP3s, videos
  • Private group discussion forum for you to discuss topics with other community members

Community calls hosted by:

About Tanis Helliwell
Tanis (English)
Christoph (German)


(a)     Self-Study and Live Online Courses

Participate, together with others, in self-study or live online courses without leaving your home. Self-study programs can be done on your own or in a group, at your own speed and at a time convenient for you. Courses include:

  • Answer Your Soul’s Call (live online course coming Feb./Mar. 2024)
  • Transform Yourself
  • Ancestor & Family Healing
  • Freedom from Fear
  • Spiritual Ancestors & Healing
  • Self-Healing with the Body Elemental (updated course coming May 2024)
  • Spiritual Transformation (available to members only)
  • Co-Create with Nature Spirits to Heal the Earth

Spiritual Transformation
Self-Study Course

(b)  Meditation and Contemplation

Meditation is a key ingredient to spiritual transformation. No amount of spiritual courses or books can replace this. We offer a meditation practice for World Servers with accompanying MP3s that is honoring of all spiritual paths. We recommend that you meditate daily using the Meditation for World Servers in addition to silent meditation for at least 30 minutes in the spiritual tradition in which you feel comfortable. It is best to do this either in the morning before breakfast or in the evening before sleep.

Meditation retreats are usually 5 to 7 days and each one is dedicated to a spiritual topic with exercises and teachings in addition to daily meditation practices. (Check my 2023 in-person European workshop schedule here.)

(c)  Community Co-Creation

We are committed to creating ongoing communities to assist individuals with their spiritual transformation. Community co-creation …

  • Benefits you – accelerate your spiritual growth by sharing your unique wisdom and gifts with others
  • Benefits others –participate in and/or lead one of the six self-study courses
  • Benefits the world – become a world server

“Like most people on their spiritual journey, the reason I chose to take the Spiritual Transformation Program was to have a spiritual teacher who I respected and trusted to guide me as I continued to grow spiritually. This experience continues to help me develop my consciousness. It shows me how important it is to look beyond my own development and be part of a global community of co-creators.”

Yes! I want to join

Note: Your membership includes our Spiritual Transformation Self-Study Course (regular $147) and 25% discount on all self-study courses ($220 value). Memberships are renewable annually. Please contact us to ask about our next membership intake date: info@myspiritualtransformation.com

If your soul is calling you to join us, we are here to support you!

Thank you for joining our co-creative community as, together, we go forward with spiritual transformation in the world!