The Next Step in Evolution: Co-creation

by Tanis Helliwell

Co-creation will be the buzz word for the Aquarian Age of the next two thousand years. This is the way the Masters and Angels work in higher dimensions and this is what each of us needs to learn in order to move to the next stage in our evolution.

Where We’ve Been:

For the last two thousand years, we have been learning how to be independent. To stand on our own two feet. To speak up for ourselves. To set a goal and go for it. To celebrate our successes and to learn from our failures and, ultimately, to take responsibility for ourselves. To pay our bills, drive a car, earn a living and have positive relationships. Achieving these things is a positive step in our evolution however evolution does not stop there.

If we do stop growing at this stage there is a danger that we will become ego-driven and narcissistic. Me, me, me. And not caring about the opinions or lives of others. We become isolated and no longer a part of the web of life of ongoing harmony that underlies creation on our planet. We have seen the result of this kind of egotism in fundamentalism in religion and nationalism where we say, “I’m right. He or she is wrong.”

Learning to be independent we create boundaries between ourselves and others. This is a necessary step in our growth as it is for a child to pull away from its parents and make its own choices. To not do this, means we are dependent on others to make our decisions…to pay our bills, look after us, etc. and being dependent in this way is equally not an evolved state.

Where We’re Going:

So, let’s pat ourselves on the back for all that independence has taught us and remember that these skills are the foundation of our next step. We do not lose them in moving forward but these skills and values are transmuted into interdependence which is the next step. With interdependence, we realistically assess our strengths and our weaknesses and offer our talents to others as well as asking for help from others who have a talent we lack. We learn when and how to listen to others and how to deeply respect other’s talents and gifts and their willingness to share these with us. In effect, we become a co-creator with others to develop ourselves and to help others develop themselves. By doing this we put ourselves in harmony with the Earth and the great beings who oversee our evolution.

Steps in Co-creation

Humanity as a whole is now at the stage to learn how to co-create with others. We need to co-create with Spirit and the Earth to ensure our physical survival. And to do this, we need to learn to co-create with other humans to create sustainable ways to do this. This is an individual and collective imperative.

For twenty years at our International Institute for Transformation we have been practicing co-creation in creating newsletters, ecourses and leading ecourse groups. We are still in the early days of learning how to be co-creators ourselves and to create co-creative communities but I would like to share some things we have tried and succeeded.

  1. Co-creation works when you want to do it.
  2. Co-creation takes time to learn and practice as you overcome the ego’s desire to feed its separate self.
  3. Co-creation works best when it is clear what each person’s gifts are and each person knows when to offer their gift and when to know their limits.
  4. Co-creation works best when there is good ongoing communication between parties involved in a project.
  5. Co-creation works best when there is time to do a given task.
  6. Co-creation works best when there is appreciation and recognition of each other’s offering.
  7. Co-creation works best the more you do it as you get better at all the skills and qualities needed to improve.
  8. Co-creation is ultimately devoted to selfless service where we know—not just theorize—that as we do for another we do for ourselves.
  9. Co-creation is self-nurturing where you have a deep sense of working with higher spiritual frequencies.
  10. Co-creation is supported by Spirit as the next step for humanity.

Our ecourses can be taken either individually or in groups that are led by dedicated people in various countries who wish to help others in their spiritual transformation as well as being helped by others in a group setting.

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