Thoughts of our time

by Tanis Helliwell

Such a crazy terrifying and inspiring time we are living in. Daily I see the old leaving and the new emerging in our world. Not without a struggle of course. We can see this with our narcissistic political leaders and the extreme weather of hurricanes and earthquakes but these things are predictable to occur at the end of an era. The Earth herself is rebelling at the treatment she has received from humans and is shouting loud and clear for us to listen to her and to remedy the ecological problems that we have created for hundreds of years. Let’s hear it for the Earth!

And what is happening with the Earth affects us in every cell of our body. Our ego is being shaken to its core to let go of all lesser concerns that keep us bound to erroneous thoughts and actions. Eckhart Tolle calls the ego, “The Pain Body” and so it is as it craves things that lead to suffering physically, emotionally and mentally.

In my own life I have become aware, deeply aware, that all boundaries, of who I am, and what I do, and even what I believe to be the truth, are collapsing. Have you also noticed that if you have segmented your life in any way that this is happening to you now? For example, if you have kept your family, your work, your friends, your spiritual life, your finances, etc. in separate boxes these boxes are now collapsing so that you can be more authentically who you are in all situations. Likewise, if how you treat yourself and others is different, this also must collapse. Truly, we are all becoming one and all is becoming ONE.

I know, believe me, that this is not easy. However it is necessary and beautiful as we are being fully transformed by Spirit.

An Example: My Part in the Drama

An hour ago, I was hosting a teleconference for folks who have studied with me for many years. I mention this to show that we know and trust each other deeply and that we have each done a great deal of transformation in our individual lives. The theme of the teleconference was betrayal and how hate and fear are collective patterns that all humanity is dealing with currently and that we must transform to peace, trust and deep acceptance of the other.

All was proceeding well (my opinion) and people were sharing their “ah ha’s” and deep insights and feeling comfortable and supportive of each other when one person, a Canadian, said with great emotional concern, and I’ll paraphrase, “It’s overwhelming watching the news and seeing what is going on in Puerto Rico and that no-one is helping the people and they are starving.”

Another participant, an American, who usually is calm obviously had her buttons pushed because she heatedly interjected to defend her government and its leaders, “That’s not true, our government has sent containers of food and the problem is that they have not built an infrastructure in Puerto Rico to distribute the food.”

And did I stay neutral? Indeed not! I now was triggered and entered with something like, “We have to stop blaming others for the problems we face in the world and start “f…k…g” take responsibility for what we are each doing to deal with these collective problems. Talk is easy, what about action in your own life?”

Seeing that I only use the “f” word when I am really upset, I knew I was a long way from neutral and was able to calm myself enough to open the dialogue to others. Then, to understand more fully the first speaker’s words, I asked her to explain more fully WHY this was upsetting her now and how was this different from her reaction to the world situation over these last years.

But a great deal of my learning occurred at the end of the teleconference. I reflected on why I was so upset by both of the participants’ views and came to the uncomfortable realization that my view was no more “right” than either of theirs and that it was only one more opinion. Better still, I learned that everyone has a right to their opinion even if their tone sounds blaming (to me) and that all three of us were being judgmental. From this I discovered in practice, not theory, that unless we can do this, there will never be peace in our world because anyone who disagrees with our opinion will always be an enemy that we have to defend ourselves against. As Jesus said, “Who is without sin cast the first stone” and collectively none of us are without sin.

What else can I do?

So, we agreed. It is a difficult time in our evolution as a species so what can we do to move into the higher frequencies of the Aquarian Age while living through the death throes of the Piscean age? Here are some ideas.

  1. Keep hope alive in you and live in the present fully showing up moment to moment until any dark areas of clinging return to the light.
  2. You may need time for silence and pause and do not try to push forward out of this sacred place of Re-birth.
  3. Remember that you are perfect just as you are and all who are with you are perfect and your life circumstances are perfect for you to become the brilliant jewel that you are.
  4. This is a time of purification. What old feelings, thoughts and behaviours do you need to say goodbye to? Do it now with no excuses.
  5. Experiment with new ways of being with others and yourself. Perfection is NOT needed. Instead play and trust in your right motivation to become even more positively powerful than you already are.
  6. Be grateful to be alive at this time. It is a time for pioneers to midwife the new world. Be courageous and loving above all else.
  7. All is well now and will be well tomorrow so rest, relax until you know your next move. Do not break the cocoon of the butterfly until your new body is formed so that you will fly beautifully fertilizing many people when and where you travel.

Tanis Helliwell, a mystic in the modern world, has brought spiritual consciousness into the mainstream for over 30 years. Since childhood, she has seen and heard elementals, angels, and master teachers in higher dimensions. Tanis is the founder of the International Institute for Transformation (IIT), which offers programs to assist individuals to become conscious creators to work with the spiritual laws that govern our world.

Tanis is the author of The High Beings of HawaiiSummer with the LeprechaunsPilgrimage with the Leprechauns, Embraced by LoveManifest Your Soul’s PurposeHybrids: So You Think You Are Human and Decoding Your Destiny.

For information on Tanis’ courses, click here.

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