Transformation: The Butterfly Emerges

Ancestor & Family Healing Retreat Part 1

Interview with Tanis Helliwell by Verena Deeken

Tanis, let’s talk about the self-study program TRANSFORM YOUR SELF. What is this course about? Why have you chosen a self-study format?

Tanis: I’ve been teaching TRANSFORM YOUR SELF as our foundational program for the International Institute for Transformation (IIT) for the past 12 years. It is perhaps the most important course we offer because it gives individuals a clearing technique to eliminate old beliefs, fears and habits that are holding them back from all they are and all they want to be.

I call this technique the Etheric Clearing Technique (ECT) as it focuses on the etheric body. The physical, emotional/astral, and mental bodies are well known to most of us. However, not many people know about the etheric body. In spiritual traditions the etheric body is also called the subtle physical body and I often refer to it as the body consciousness or the body elemental. The etheric body is the one that programs all the other bodies. It takes our thoughts and feelings and manifests them in physical reality.

A lot of my work in the last 30 years as psychotherapist has been to help people to understand how their thoughts and beliefs create their reality and how to remove those feelings and thoughts so that they can realize their highest potential. To do this we work with the body elemental.

To assist individuals with this process our TRANSFORM YOUR SELF program is very helpful. Individuals receive a workbook and four audio clearing recordings that they can use on a daily basis for several weeks or longer to clear old thought forms that no longer serve them. I’ve been teaching this program for 12 years but it has never been available for self-study before. Now people can create their own groups and study on their own at their own speed. The material is very thorough but simple to use.

Why is this course so important right now?
Tanis: We are at a critical juncture in human evolution. TRANSFORM YOUR SELF is important because until we have cleaned up our own lives, our old programs and old thought forms we will never be conscious creators, we will always be victims of our culture, religion, or parents’ programs. We will not have the free will to live our own lives. It is essential that we engage in becoming full creators to help the Earth and to assist others.

Often individuals want to take TRANSFORM YOUR SELF but either they don’t live near where we were offering it or their life situation does not allow them to take the program. Now we are offering it at a reasonable cost so that everyone can do it no matter the time, the location, or the financial situation.

Where does TRANSFORM YOUR SELF come from? What are its origins? And how did you develop it?
Tanis: It is a combination of my work as a psychotherapist and spiritual teacher for the past 30 years. Both areas have cross-fertilized each other. Many spiritual traditions say that it is very important to clear old thought forms but they don’t offer tools to go about it. And then there are psychotherapists who offer wonderful programs to get rid of the symptoms of these thought forms but they do not address the seed of these erroneous thoughts. I am interested in uprooting the seed through a combination of therapeutical and spiritual techniques.

How should people do this self-study course: as individuals, or in groups. What would you suggest?
Tanis: TRANSFORM YOUR SELF is set up so people can do it either individually or in groups. But I have the strong belief that it is helpful and important to work with like-minded people. What that means is working in groups. We have quite a few people who are leading these kinds of groups in Europe and North America, and the material has been designed in such a way that you can form your own group and lead it as well.

I really like what Jesus said that “when two or more people gather in my name I am among you”. I believe when individuals with a common goal of spiritual transformation work together they can be great helpmates to each other. They make good listeners, offer good support and good ideas, too, that might assist you on your journey. But even if it is not possible to do it in a group the material will work just fine to do it on your own.

Part of the reference material you recommend for the TRANSFORM YOUR SELF-1 self-study course comes from your new book MANIFEST YOUR SOUL’S PURPOSE. Can you talk about how this is beneficial to the course and can you say something about the importance of being a soul-infused personality?
Tanis: MANIFEST YOUR SOUL’S PURPOSE: THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE FOR LIFE AND WORK offers exercises and models which will help individuals to focus on their soul and personality needs and how they can attain their personality and soul goals in everyday reality. It is a practical book to help Individuals to identify spiritual and material needs and to give them techniques to achieve them.

This book is a great support for the TRANSFORM YOUR SELF self-study program because it helps you to identify what your goals are. And as you do the clearings your goals will become clearer and the clearer the goals become the stronger will be your resolve to attain them.

For example, some individuals are very spiritual but not very good at turning spirituality into success in their everyday life. Others are very successful in their everyday lives but have a feeling of hollowness because they are not clear on their soul goals. In both cases MANIFEST YOUR SOUL’S PURPOSE can assist them. Both the soul and personality need to work together to have a self-actualized, soul-infused life.
TRANSFORM YOUR SELF and the book MANIFEST YOUR SOUL’S PURPOSE work together to help you to become a conscious creator with a soul-infused personality.

Will being a soul-infused personality make functioning in an everyday life more difficult or perhaps even impossible, given our environments?
Tanis: Jesus said “Be in the world but not of it.” This is what we do when we are living a soul-infused life. I’ll give an example. When the Dalai Lama gave an interview on Larry King Live, an American talk show, he said that he is a simple monk and if he had not been chosen to lead his life as a monk he would have become an engineer because he loves to tinker with things. People who were listening to him on that show could relate to him.
Yet to the Tibetan monks and nuns he is the manifestation of the Buddha of Compassion and he is the head of the Buddhist tradition. Or if you are on a seven day retreat with him he is very different from his appearance on Larry King Live.

When people are conscious they can relate better to other people. They use a tool called discernment. They know what is most appropriate for the people they are dealing with. When we are soul-infused we don’t need to look better than the people around us or feel that we need to prove anything. To do so is ego-driven. A soul-infused personality wants to be effective in serving the world. And over time we become very good at it as our motivation is not ego-driven.

If we are soul-infused we draw people like magnets to us. And what draws the people to us is the amount of energy we radiate. We draw to us what the universe wants for us. We become greater manifestors not lesser ones.

Tanis, thank you for this insightful interview.

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