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This fall, I am very happy to be leading an online mini-retreat, FREEDOM FROM FEAR! And there are a number of in-person self-study groups forming (see below). There is so much to learn and share.

"Tanis and the teachings, vast and deep, take you to the doorstep of transformation where she holds your hand, gives a push as you cross over again and again. For this life changing opportunity, I am grateful!”



Transform yourself

Transform Yourself is our most popular course and a great starting point to begin your journey of self-transformation. You have been waiting for this time for lifetimes. On this journey of self-discovery, renewal and rebirth, Transform Yourself, is a program that can open you up to your highest potential, while putting life in perspective and reinforce your purpose.

Date: Starts October 15, 2023. Monthly sessions for 5 or 6 months.
Location: Freiburg
Contact: Christoph Wasser,

Link here to purchase self-study course materials.

Self-Healing with the Body Elemental

In this self-study program, you’ll discover the origins of physical and emotional illnesses and heal them at source by learning powerful, spiritual techniques to open your 7 higher spiritual centers. To fulfil your soul’s purpose, increase your life energy, and discover true happiness learn to co-create with your body elemental, the consciousness that builds your body from lifetime to lifetime.

Date: Starts October 15, 2023. Monthly sessions for 5 or 6 months.
Location: Freiburg
Contact: Irene Ocklenburg,

Link here to purchase self-study course materials.

Live online courses, Fall 2023

Freedom from Fear

Led by Tanis Helliwell

This 5-week online mini-retreat, Freedom from Fear, is concerned with discovering the underlying causes of your physical, emotional and spiritual fears and giving you the tools to heal them at the source.

Fear is a mental poison that undermines your initiative and courage and leads to feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness, feelings that are especially prevalent in these challenging and confusing times. The best and quickest solution is to tackle your own fears head on. By doing this, you move from hopelessness to empowerment and re-establish your energy to fulfill your soul’s purpose in your inner and outer life. Also, in overcoming your own fears you help others to do the same which helps to establish the safe, peaceful and loving world that we all yearn for.

Dates: October 12 to November 9, 2023 with weekly meetings on Thursdays via Zoom

Link here for more information and to register.

“In the 16 years I’ve studied with Tanis my view of the world has greatly expanded to see life physically, emotionally, mentally and especially spiritually. The most important points are that I now have a better acceptance of the diversity of humanity, how to build community and how to be a world server.”